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  • Ch1: FICO General Concepts(This Chapter is DEMO for All Users)
  • Ch2: FICO Accounting Principles and Steps to Define Enterprise Structure(Only for Active Users)
  • Ch3: SAP FICO Global Settings
  • Ch4: General Ledger(GL) Configuration
  • Ch5: Documents and Controls
  • Ch6: Manual Payment, GL Incoming Payment
  • Ch7: Outgoing Payments
  • Ch8: Accounts Receivables (Customer Accounts)
  • CH9: Accounts Payables (Vendor Accounts)
  • Ch10: Incoming/OutGoing Payments
  • Ch11: Payment Difference(AR),Credit Memo
  • Ch12: Payment Difference ,Debit Memo(AP)
  • Ch13: Cash Discount
  • Ch14: Special G/L (Customer Advances/Down Payment)
  • CH15: Special G/L(Vendor Advances/Down Payment)
  • CH16: House Bank, Cash Journal(Phase2)
  • CH17: Dunning
  • CH18: Automated Payment Program (APP)
  • CH19: Financial Statements Version
  • CH20: SD/MM Integration
  • CH21: SAP FICO-Controlling1-Cost Elements (Phase2)
  • CH22: SAP FICO-Controlling2-Cost Center/Profit Center
  • Ch23: SAP FICO-Controlling Distribution Methods
  • Ch24: Adv:Enterprise Structure and Global Settings (Phase3)
  • Ch25: Adv:General Ledger
  • Ch26: Adv:Level Other Areas
  • Ch27: FICO Model Test/Sample Resume
  • Ch28: FICO NewGL